Wednesday, October 3, 2012

UNIVERSAL SELF - headlining performance

UNIVERSAL SELF offers a creative and cutting edge presentation of the contemporary struggles for working class, Filipino Americans in the diaspora and the interconnectedness of Hip Hop culture with indigenous, tribal Filipino cultural expressions. Universal Self fuses theater, spoken word poetry, martial arts, hip hop and music into a coming of age story that takes audiences into the threshold of multicultural American identity in a globalized world.

Catch Kilusan Bautista in UNIVERSAL SELF on Friday, 30th November at Sahabhaga.

Dancing in Disbelief

DISBELIEVE will be performed Friday, 30th November. Through authentic movement, text and image Disbelieve embodies our deeply conflicted outer and inner worlds, the violence and chaos as well as yearning and desire. Produced by Studio for Movement Arts and Therapies- SMART 

Legislative Theatre in Portugal

Joana Cruz from Portugal will be leading a Workshop - Legislative Theatre & Community Intervention through Forum Theatre - on Friday 30th November.

Uplifting Dalit Communities with Chindu

Chindu makes theatre, music, and films to uplift Dalit communities. Check out their performance and workshopson Friday, 30th November and their second performance in the closing night of the festival, 2nd December.